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Ingleside Park
Samuel Ingalls

ADDING NEW BEAUTY TO WINTHROP. Work on Ingalls Park and Playground Under Way and Town Will Have Another Pretty Spot for Recreation. Boston Daily Globe, Jun 14, 1903


Dr. Samuel Ingalls (1818-1884) was a physician and large real estate holder in Winthrop, including the being the developer of the Ocean Spray section of town:
- King's handbook of Boston Harbor (3rd Edition, 1888)
"One of the most attractive summer villages on the Massachusetts coast is this prettily named district of Ocean Spray in the town of Winthrop with its beach gently curving between two high cliffs the bright wide sea in front and the level salt marshes behind...
....Up to the year 1875 the site of this village was a barren waste of gravel and coast grass whose only product was the seaweed washed up on the beach and whose value did not exceed $40 an acre. In 1875 Dr. Samuel Ingalls bought forty acres of the Wheeler heirs laid it out in building lots and avenues and sold many of the former at auction at to 2 cents a foot.
Sadly, Dr. Ingalls was killed in a railroad accident at the Ocean Spray Station:
- Sixteenth Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners, January 1885
"On the 11th day of June 1884 Samuel Ingalls of Winthrop Mass struck by a locomotive at the Ocean Spray Station. The engineer blew whistle and rung the bell and took every means possible to stop the engine but without avail. Dr Ingalls without looking up and apparently noticing the approach of the engine walked or ran upon the track and struck by the engine and injured so severely that he died in a few hours afterwards. The district judge after a hearing in the matter reported the the corporators nor its employees were in any fault or otherwise whereby the accident and injury was caused."
After Dr. Ingalls death, the land for Ingleside Park was donated to the town by his widow Augusta Pauline (Tewksbury) Ingalls.
- Boston Evening Transcipt, 12/6/1902 - Google Newspapers
"Winthrop's First Park Made Possible by Gift of Ten Acres of Available Land
...The park will commerate the late Dr. Samuel Ingalls, who was the founder of the summer settlenebt at Ocean Spray, and a benefactor to Winthrop in many ways."

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